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We ship Fresh Truffles every Monday directly from Italy. It takes about 48 hours to arrive to our US customers.


From Umbria and Tuscany soil to your table. 


It is a similar to Scorzone (Summer Truffle) and still there are conflicting views about membership in the aestivum species: for some it is a distinct species systematically, for others of a different variety, still others argue that the environment allows the maturation more late. Presents a serfdom darker than Tuber aestivum, almost chocolate brown in mature specimens, and a peridium with warts do not striated crosswise. The gathering takes place mainly in cool areas with constant humidity throughout the year; in fact, it can not stand the summer drought and likes exposures mezzaombra and higher elevations. It is mostly found in areas protected from direct sunlight as deep valleys and slopes facing north. Mature in autumn , from October to December, in deciduous forests, mainly on clay soils or rich in humus. It grows on the same places of the summer truffle.

Fresh Black Burgundy Truffle 3.5 oz (100g)

Season From October - December
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